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Dr. Delarious O. Stewart is an educational leader, school mental health expert, SPED authority, counselor educator. Driven by a passion for improving educational outcomes and promoting mental well-being, Dr. Stewart has consistently demonstrated his commitment to empowering students and educators alike. His expertise, combined with his compassionate and empathetic nature, has positioned him as a highly respected professional in his field.

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Founder and Director

 Dr. Delarious O. Stewart is a licensed mental health professional and certified educator. Along my journey, I have assumed senior district leadership responsibilities in the areas of school improvement, school mental health and student support, special education, educational accountability and curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Our Approach


BA, Journalism

MA, Counseling

MEd, Educational Leadership

Southern University and A&M College

SSP, School Psychology

University of Louisiana at Monroe

EdS, Special Education

EdD, Child Development

Jackson State University

School Psychology

School Mental Health

Special Education

Counselor Education

Our Approach to Mental Health

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